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our highlights

opening (2011)
Nemato Fencing Club was opened by Randall Daniels and his fencers from Christel House School in Cape Town. We were the only Eastern Cape fencing club at that stage. opening of Nemato Fencing Club
camp in George (2012)
We started our club without any fencing knowledge. We went to George for a camp to learn more about the sport. Over the years may people helped us to get better at fencing. fencing camp in George
first SA Championships (2013)
We went for the first time to the National Championships. It was in Cape Town. in Cape Town for our first National Championships
clinic by national coach (2014)
We participated in a coaching clinic in Port Elizabeth by the national coach Andrei Kovrijnykh. fencing clinic by national coach
first Eastern Cape Open (2015)
Fencing is growing in the Eastern Cape, with three clubs now and the first Eastern Cape Open in PE, a national ranking competition. first Eastern Cape Open Fencing Championships
Olympian at Nemato (2017)
Olympic fencer Sello Maduma was at Nemato for a couple of days to help Nemato and Ingubo fencings clubs. Olympic fencer Sello Maduma coaching Nemato and Ingubo
first ranking fencer (2017)
Anoxolo Salaze was our first fencer to compete in the national ranking. Nemato fencer Anoxolo

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