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how to become a donor?

how to pay?

you can make an easy, safe and secure credit card payment from anywhere in the world:
donate online to Nemato Change a Life
or in South Africa you can make an automatic monthly or once off internet payment
please email us the details of your donation (

our banking details:

FNB, Port Alfred
branch code 210917
account name Nemato Change a Life
account number 6225 665 9461

how much?

donate R100 per month or R1000 per year
are you (a little bit) rich: donate more
are you poor: donate less
you can also donate as a group:
club, family, at work, church, etc.

your details for our website

email us ( your details for the donors page:
1. your picture
2. link to your website, facebook or other social network
3. your first name, surname
4. the country you live
5. remark: tell why you support us
we like our donors to 'have a face',
but leave information open that you don't want to share

thank you very much for your support!