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examples of members who make most out of their membership of Nemato Change a Life

Siphamandla Baku

As a naughty litle boy Siphamandla did scary jumps on the street. We saw it and decided to start a gymnastics club. He became a member and in less than a year he won already a silver medal at South African Gymnastics Games. The naughty little boy changed into a highly committed youngster. Every year he was winning medals at a higher level.

the early beginnings

Siphamandla training in PE

Siphamandla has become our head coach

He was getting so strong that we started looking for international competitions for him. We thought of Zone 6 Championships for the Southern African countries. We asked Mandy Zoonekynd, a top coach in Port Elizabeth, to help us, as our gymnastics knowledge, coaching skills and equipment are not good enough for that level. She agreed and seeing his talent, she changed the focus to World Age Groups (Junior World Championships). In the very first year she started training him in weekend sessions in PE, he won the trials, became our first ever National Champion and qualified and participated in World Age Groups in Europe. He was our first member to compete overseas. Not only as gymnast he is doing very well, he has also become our gymnastics head coach and the treasurer of Nemato Change a Life.

Siphamandla Baku

Siphamandla is our first ever National Champion

Siphamandla with US and SA gymnasts in Europe

Gymnastics is Siphamandla's life and his success in life has started already.