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Alexander van Assendelft



Alexander van Assendelft

"I am very impressed and proud about Jan Blom┤s engagement in helping and developing the village/community, in which he with unselfish dedication has put all his heart and energy in memory of his friend. I am happy about the success he has achieved on different levels, as well in sports as in education. His efforts remind me of the works of Albert Schweitzer in Lambarene, and JosÚ Antoni Abreu┤s musical project El Sistema in Venezuela. The title "Change a Life" means a promise of real progress. It depends on continous and growing financial support if it shall be able to develop parrallel with the young people. Their potential is unlimited. Therefore I hope that many others will join the present donors in supporting the valuable work in Nemato, which also honours the memory of the late President Nelson Mandela. As a donor I am honoured to be a member of the Nemato village."

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