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July 9th 1998
Miss Thandi and Friends. By Zaheda Mohamed, The Sowetan

Drag yourself off to one of the best shows in town

For an evening full of laughs and fun, Miss Thandi and friends is just the thing to see.
If you've had a bad experience with a drag queen before, and been phobic ever since, the gentle lady will, well, treat you like a gentleman.

Ladies, please note, Miss Thandi is not the insecure, evious type and will treat you with equal respect. She's unpretentious not in your face, and the crudity is refined.

Miss Thandi has unashamedly made her choice, and boy (and girl), does she do a fine job - so who are we to feel offended by it?

A versatile and charming performer, who shakes her shimmies in style, you can listen to renditions by Miriam Makeba, and Senagalese, Japanese, and Yoruba songs. Particularly memorable is the Click Song in Xhosa.

Getting interactive with the crowd she has the art of helping any tortoise out of its shell. While the audience put it on, Miss Thandi takes it off ... well some of it.

A truly confident performer, this Port Alfred-born, Dutch residing, silky-smooth-legged drag queen in traditional African clothes has eyelashes long enough to knit a winter jersey.

She's innocent, she's cute, so go on, go have some fun. Why imagine when you can have it all now!

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