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be nice - be fit - be a hard worker - be educated - be skilled - be a changemaker

be a hard worker

set goals, challenge your limits and never give up

"Work Hard, Be Nice"
That is what KIPP Schools say. We know from experience how crucial and challenging these two aims are. Psychology of scarcity robs people of their energy to work hard for a better future, and even when we can avoid scarcity of all basic needs, changing the scarcity mindset is easier said than done. Our "Be a Hard Worker" programme elements, to help members to find back focus and energy for success in life, are:

bronze, silver and gold membership
The more commitment to our programme the higher the level of membership and the more privileges a member gets in our organisation. To become a gold member you need at least 90% attendance to our sports sessions and maths classes, plus at leats 10 hours of extra activities per month. Gold members have voting rights, gold members trips and gold members free-time.

setting goals
From the age of 16 years, our members work on their 10 year plans to help them being more focused on success in life. From the long-term 10 year plan we work back to one year goals and short term goals, and we look for ways to help achieving these goals.

President's Award
The President's Award is part of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. Participants have to complete activities in the physical activities, skills training, community service and an adventurous journey. Most of these activities are part of our programme anyway, so the bronze, silver and gold President's Awards are a nice way for our members to get rewarded for the hard work they do Nemato Change a Life.

work hard
challenge yourself
challenge yourself
keep going, it's far
it's far
Gold President's Award
receiving the Gold President's Award

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