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year by year 2020

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food parcels

Hunger is becoming a big problem here. In the 'normal' world people had found ways to survive, but many of these ways have been cut off now, and people are getting desperate. We distributed food parcels, trying to help the families of our members and other people. You can imagine how happy people - how have no idea how to get food - are with the parcels.

preparing the food parcels

handing out food parcels

coronavirus lockdown (24 March)

We are preparing our last meal before we close Nemato Change a Life for the South African lockdown for the coronavirus.

last meal before coronavirus lockdown

skate ramp at community hall

We started setting up our skate ramp at the Titi Jonas community hall.

moving the skate ramp to Titi Jonas

setting up skate ramp at Titi Jonas hall

Ashley passed driver's test (12 March)

Our programme manager Ashley passed his drivers test.

Ashley passed his driver's test

night photography

With our photography group we did some photography in the dark, playing with slow shutter speeds.

night photography

lightning at night

special-needs school (26 February)

We took our sports to the local special-needs school Enkuthazweni, where our member Lifa is working.

our tumbling track at the special needs school

fencing at the special needs school

Allan Gray fellows (22 February)

Allan Gray fellows visited Nemato Change a Life.

Allan Gray fellows at Nemato Change a Life

Allan Gray fellows at Nemato Change a Life

Tanks coding

We started playing Tanks. It's an award winning app by Nelson Mandela University to learn coding without computers. Thanks to Professor Jean Greyling for bringing us a set of tokens that can be scanned by the phone app.

cutting the tokens for Tanks coding

scanning our code with the Tanks app

ECD course

The Level 4 Early Childhood Development course in Kenton had five spaces open. To fill the spaces, we offer transport to five ECD practitioners from the Bathurst and Port Alfred townships for this important year long course. Early Inspiration runs the course and it's funded by Rotary International.

getting ready for the ECD course

roof lights

Every weekend we offer a wide range of activities for our members, including beautifying our building. Here we are putting up LED roof lights.

putting up the roof lights

Nemato Change a Life at night

President's Award meeting (13 February)

Our members with silver or gold President's Awards were invited to Makhanda. They were offered bursaries to study for free at Boston College.

President's Award meeting for Boston bursaries

President's Award meeting for Boston bursaries

Buco donation

Buco helped us out with this generous donation to build our skate ramp.

Buco donation

weekend activities

We are building a wall as one of our many weekend activities.

weekend activity: building a wall

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