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Youth Day (16 June)

On Youth Day 2006 we were officially opened by Minister Stofile, so 16 June is our birthday. This year we celebrated Youth Day at the beach with a braai and a treasure hunt.

braai for Youth Day

treasure hunt for Youth Day

up-scaling fish farm

To give more space to our fish we scaled up our fish farm. The fish moved from the round black tank to the green tank. The black tanks form the filtering system. The project was carried out by Jester.

Jester scaling up our fish farm

our scaled-up fish farm

classroom flooring

Thanks to a generous donation by the Royal St Andrews Hotel the flooring of our classrooms was done.

flooring of our classrooms gets done

Sunshine Carnival (13 April)

Reward for high commitment to our programme: our Gold members visited the Sunshine Carnival in Port Alfred.

gold members at the Sunshine Carnival

gold members at the Sunshine Carnival

SABC filming (31 January)

SABC came to Nemato Change a Life to film about changing lives.

SABC filming Litha

SABC filming Lihle

Telkom grant

Telkom offered us an IT grant for a second year. We used it to upgrade our computers and to train Sipiwo in all aspects of running our office. We also built new tables to get more space for the computers.

Sipiwo upgrades our computers

upgraded computers

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