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year by year 2014

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Wordworks (11 December)

To improve the literacy development of our younger members, we'll introduce the Wordworks programme in our class for grade 1 and 2 when we re-open our class in January. WorkWorks is widely recognised as a highly effective and easy to use programme. Four members have been trained by Amy Webster from WordWorks to use the programme.

WordWorks instruction by Amy Webster

Change a Life trip (10-11 November)

Every year we are invited to a party organised by our main funder the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust. Once a year, a group of about 70 top managers of JSE registered companies leave their offices for a very tough five day cycle tour. That is the Change a Life fundraising event. It funds six projects in South Africa and we are very fortunate to be one of the six! This year, the young talented gymnast Khanyile Mbolekwa accompanied Jan Blom for the presentation for the cyclists at Villa Arcadia in Johannesburg. It was for him a trip full of first times: flying, Gautrain, hotel, etc. And the cyclists loved him and his little show.

great hotel downtown Johannesburg

at the Change a Life party

Bosberaad (30 August)

We had a 'Bosberaad' (forest-meeting) with senior members of Nemato Change a Life. We discussed ways to improve our programme and to restructure our organisation. The day was facilitated by Brett Malila from The President's Award and with input from Charles Ainslie from The Learning Trust, coming all the way from Cape Town. We looked into merging our sports clubs into Nemato change a Life to simplify our structure and to reduce banking and auditing fees, but a meeting with Lottery made clear that this will make it impossible to receive Lottery funding for sport. We are now looking for ways to strengthen our existing leadership. We established a Nemato Leadership Academy where we train members in leadership. Thanks a lot to Brett and Charles, and to Stenden University for the venue for the meeting!


Be nice (July)

Working hard and being nice is not something that comes naturally in our communities. There are not many role models helping our youth into the right direction, and unfortunately lots of the opposite. For a whole month during the holiday we have been doing daily lessons on the theme “work hard, be nice”. That theme comes from the KIPP Schools, that offer highly successful education to disadvantaged youth in the USA. Some sessions were workshops, including one where members had to tell tell what is nice about the other. For many this was a very new and nice experience. The question “Am I nice?” is still going around. Is it helping? Yes! Are we done? No, this is an ongoing challenge! We'll keep working on it.

work hard, be nice

Watching the stars (June)

Watching planet Saturn with its rings and moon Titan is an amazing experience. We are excited that we have the use of a fine telescope to explore the universe. It's opening up a whole new world for our members and brings science 'down to earth'.

watching the rings of Saturn

Youth Day (16 June)

Our annual Advisory Board meeting took place on our eighth birthday: Youth Day, June 16. Great thanks to Brett Malila (The President's Award) from Bathurst and Lesley Lambert (Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust) all the way from Johannesburg, for making it an inspirational event with many fresh ideas to move our organisation forward. For the members there was a small birthday party with nice food and a big cake.

Advisory Board meeting

small birthday party

Athi, our first graduate (31 March)

we celebrate the first graduation of a member. Athenkosi Hlekani graduated at the University of Johannesburg. He has a long history of taking our motto success in life to the extreme.

Athi, our first member graduating

President's Award Ceremony (27 March)

This year the President's Award Ceremony took place in Keiskammahoek. It was nice to explore this rural place. We had never been there before. Seven Nemato members received their bronze and silver awards for the sport, skills training, community service and hike that they completed. It was hard work! Well done and congratulations to Akhona Quma, Siphamandla Baku, Sipiwo Makeleni and Thembani James for receiving bronze and to Lifa Nxopho, Lindokuhle Nikelo and Thulani Magongo for receiving silver. Good luck to all for their next challenge: silver and gold level.

President's Award Ceremony

President's Award Ceremony

Nemato wins Eastern Cape Sports Award (28 February)

We are extremely proud that we won the Eastern Cape “MEC Special Award” at the Provincial Sports Awards event for our sports development programme. It is fantastic that our programme got this high provincial recognition. The award event took place at the Boardwalk Hotel in Port Elizabeth. Unfortunately we were not able to be at the event, as we had to leave Port Alfred very early the next morning for a gymnastics training session in PE. That was a pity, but what really counts is winning the award. If that doesn't keep us going...

Eastern Cape Sports Award

Bronze President's Award Hike (8-9 February)

Our members, Akhona Quma, Aphelele Makeleni and Thembani James did the two day Mossland Two Rivers Trail near Grahamstown. It was a hike for the bronze award, and not as easy as they want you to believe. It's far and the bags are heavy! But all made it to the finish and passed the bronze award. Some other members will do the silver hike soon.

Bronze President's Award Hike

Bronze President's Award Hike

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