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FunDza Reading Programme

We introduced the FunDza reading programme for high school youth to our members. FunDza from Cape Town donated us a box full of books and they also offer on-line reading and writing. The biggest strength of their programme is that their stories are for and by township youth. The stories are very real for our members and for the first time we see members reading books with passion!

reading FunDza books

reading FunDza books

Numeracy for youth organisations

We organised a presentation of the Rhodes University Numeracy Programme for all youth organisations in our township. We started using the programme ourselves some months ago. It's great and we want to share it so that more youth can benefit from it. We also organised a trip for the youth organisations to Port Elizabeth to a fundraising workshop and a presentation of the FunDza reading programme. (battery flat: no pictures of the trip)

numeracy course for all youth organisations in Nemato

Youth Day (16 June)

It was our eleventh birthday on June 16 (Youth Day). We celebrated the day watching the movie Sarafina! We played soccer on the beach and had our favourite food from our Add Hope food donor KFC.

watching Sarafina!

playing soccer on the beach

Gold Members trip to PE (10 June)

Members who have at least 90% attendance to our ten class and sports sessions per week and do at least ten hours of extra activities per week become Gold Members. As a reward for working hard, the Gold Members went on a trip to Port Elizabeth. We did ice skating and we visited the Alliance Francaise Street Music Festival in Richmond Hill.

ice skating in PE

at the street festival

Nemato Change a Life Centre

The building of the Nemato Change a Life Centre has started. We are proud that the centre is designed by Robert Rich (Richlabs Architecture), who makes outstanding architecture. Our centre will be the first building in Port Alfred using sandbag technology. The building will be done by people from the local community, mainly old Nemato members, who will be trained in using this building technology.

Nemato Change a Life Centre designed by Peter Rich

start of the building process in our township

Numeracy Programme

We started using the numeracy programme by the SA Numeracy Chair Project (Rhodes University). It's a fun programme to improve number sense and fluency, using dice, playing cards and other tools.

clothes donated by Rhodes Univeristy rowers

doing the bookkeeping

Clothes donated (21 February)

Rhodes University rowers donated a large amount of clothes to Nemato. Great luck for our active members. All went home with an arm full of clothes. (Nothing for lazy members, you snooze, you lose!) Many thanks to the Rhodes students!!!

clothes donated by Rhodes Univeristy rowers

Sand sculptures (3 January)

As one of our holiday 'specials' we went to the beach to build sand sculptures. Carol-Ann of the Sunshine Coast Gymnastics Club was our teacher, and in no time our guys were building beautiful and creative sculptures.

visiting the camera obscura in Grahamstown

clothes donated by Rhodes Univeristy rowers

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