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Training in PE (18 September)

Our handball players went to Port Elizabeth for training matches to prepare for a tournament coming up soon.

training session in PE

Handball in Mthatha (11 August)

Our handball players competing outside Mthatha. The boys won 20-16 and girls won 9-7.

handball competition outside Mthatha

handball competition outside Mthatha

Handball in Gauteng (4 July)

Our handball players in Gauteng.Girls first match lost 13-14, won second 10-9. Guys lost firstmatch 21-16 and won second on penalties 2-0.

handball in Gauteng

Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto

PE Competition (24 June)

Handball in PE. Our boys went down 20-27 in a heroic match, our girls dominated: 15-5.

Nemato girls in PE

Nemato boys in PE

Fort Hare tournament (9 June)

Our girls team beat Farmeni 11 to 1 at a handball tournament at Fort Hare University in Alice.

our girls team winning at Fort Hare

our girls team winning at Fort Hare

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge (20 April)

Nemato in action at the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge beach handball tournament in Port Alfred.

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge

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