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21 to 24 Dec 2005, Super Sport TV:

Schools Boat Race was on satellite TV. A large part of the half an hour coverage was dedicated to Nemato Rowing Club. It was broadcast 6 times on Super Sport 1 and 2 between 21 and 24 December.

9 December 2005, Talk of the Town:
"Nemato eight impress in practice session"

Talk of the Town: Nemato eight impress in practice session

30 September 2005, Talk of the Town:
"Rowing team ready for action"

Talk of the Town: Rowing team ready for action

23 September 2005, Talk of the Town:
"Young rowers get new training craft"

Talk of the Town: Young rowers get new training craft

9 September 2005, Talk of the Town:
"Nemato rowing moves forward"

Talk of the Town: Nemato rowing moves forward

7 September 2005, Indabazethu, Daily Dispatch:
"Township kids learn to row"

Indabazethu, Daily Dispatch: Township kids learn to row

22 July 2005, Talk of the Town:
"Township kids learn how to swim"

Talk of the Town: Township kids learn how to swim

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